The Worst Mistakes Made in Marketing

Brand marketing in itself isn’t exactly rocket science, but even the most experienced marketers on board still commit the worst mistakes possible. Once they do, then another business opportunity vanishes into thin air. Here are some of the worst.

Detached messaging – Marketers still have the tendency to focus on what they believe are the most important and note-worthy values their product or service has. However, doing this essentially drives customers away, sometimes even for good. Customer values must always be put forth and communicated effectively.

Lousy content – “Think before you act” should always be the mandate. Content such as viral videos and articles can be successfully used for marketing if they are well thought-out. If not, then companies risk putting out content that’s either offensive, discriminating, politically incorrect, or polarizing, adversely affecting their chances for success.

Not enticing excitement – Ever heard of a hip-hop “hype man,” one who’s responsible for keeping the audience pumped up for a rap battle? Marketers should endeavor to work like such. People nowadays are living on “auto-pilot” mode, with their decisions strongly adhered to a mostly linear routine. It’s up to marketers to make their intended customers hyped for something, imbuing messages with inspiring bits that excite them and spur them into action.

Avoiding tweaking – To create a plan and stick to it no matter what is not the way to go. Marketing is all about making adjustments based on reactions and other responses from involved parties in order to further strengthen the messaging.


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